Design studio

Our team of experienced designers provides a wide variety of creative solutions and related services:

  • corporate design: logo, integral graphic design manual;
  • design of printed materials (flyers, brochures, leaflets, posters ...) and promotional materials (DVD, USB keys, T-shirt, ...);
  • design and preparation of exhibition appearances;
  • photo production, including aerial photography;
  • video production and postproduction;
  • 2D animation and 3D graphics and CGI animation.


Web Sites

With more than 20 years of experience in web design, we can offer the best for our clients UNDER ONE ROOF - web design, programming, development, support and hosting.

Why should you choose us?

  • We understand what our clients really want;
  • We are ​experienced website developers team;
  • We are dedicated to our work and use an individual approach for each project;
  • We have developed our own content management system ADS4 and we can develop simple and complex systems which are easy to edit and update.

Web Applications

Web Apps are products that we are most proud of. With our knowledge and experiences we can help you to built the app for your needs. 

The purpose of a Web App:

  • visualisation of complex data and filtering view by choosing a specific field (timetables, catalogues, e-magazines, travel itineraries, reservation modules, e-commerce modules, etc.)
  • creating bonds with customers and clients,
  • to simplify two-way communication,
  • to collect and further interpretation of data (information about your customers can also improve your offer),
  • easy management of your web application from anywhere where you have Internet access.
  • such projects often include a lot of development and require high qualification of the experts and their knowledge of the latest technology approaches.

Mobile Applications

From the idea to the realization of mobile applications:

  • we help you develop the idea and verify its potential;
  • we propose a platform (iOS, Android ..) and a marketing method.

A mobile application can be made as a single solution or as a complement to the already existing website or other marketing tools. 

We will take care of the comprehensive development of the application that includes: a presentation of ideas, design, development and realization.



Maintenance (hosting) of the website includes services we provide continuously to ensure an uninterrupted availability of your website and its continuous operation.

Web server services

  • hosting on a web server
  • providing routing services (primary and secondary DNS, domain)
  • providing access via internet, providing sufficient bandwidth for seamless access to content
  • statistics of website access

Technical maintenance of the system

  • ensuring proper operation of the CMS (ADS4) and its functional modules
  • regular CMS (ADS4) debugging, integration of smaller updates

User support

  • User support can be performed based on a pre-agreed services
  • User support can be performed on the basis of pre-ordered services
  • Our support center

Additional services for our customers

  • preparation of content, content maintenance of the website presentation
  • proofreading, translation
  • preparation and processing pictures and other multimedia material
  • wider promotional campaigns