DIGI-SI project update

date: 05.10.2022

category: News

Arctur, the Tourism 4.0 initiator, is a project partner in the project DIGI-SI which aims to set up a functioning new European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) in Slovenia. The EDIHs are an initiative under the new Digital Europe programme. The project is planned to start in October.

DIGI-SI as an EDIH will foster the digital transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, scale-ups and Public Administration (PAs) in four strategic priority areas identified in the forthcoming Slovenian smart specialisation strategy (S5): Agri-food, Health, Tourism and Manufacturing.

In parallel, it will provide a single point of contact in all four priority areas of Digital Europe

Programme: Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Cyber Security (CybSec) and Advanced Digital Skills (ADS).

DIGI-SI has a service portfolio of 70 services, divided into 17 test before invest services; 23 skills and training services; 19 support to find investment services; and 10 ecosystem and networking services.

The main impact of services will be an estimated 700 SME and PA used EDIHs’ services; 4 – 6 mio € additional investments successfully triggered, 70 collaborations with other EDIHs established, 10-20 % increase in digital maturity of DIGI-SI clients and 20 digital innovations registered / used via the Innovation Radar platform.

More info here.