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For 30 years Arctur has been pioneering by merging of research, science, art and business. The interdisciplinary spirit is the cradle of innovation in which concepts, solutions and products come to life under the motto: We don’t follow the changes, we co-create them!

                               Arctur - where creativity meets experience!


Mission Statement
We inspire & empower organisations to reinvent themselves and co-create innovative products and services, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future.


Main pillars of our work

Innovations - Arctur is a meeting place of talents of most various profiles. Creativity and innovation have sprouted numerous disruptive ideas, many of them patented. 

R&D projects - At Arctur, we understand the importance of continuous progress. We are involved in joint R&D projects with research institutes, universities and other R&D organizations on a regular basis. To further ensure continuous innovation, we are constantly striving to improve the innovativeness and creativity of our staff as well as employing new talented staff.

HPC & Data Centre - We are the leading service provider of supercomputing in Central Eastern Europe. Following the XaaS model, we lease the supercomputer along with the services of system administration, optimizing codes or parallelization, so our customers enjoy the benefits without obtaining their own equipment.

Tourism 4.0 - The quest of Tourism 4.0 initiative is to unlock the innovation potential by enabling collaboration between all stakeholders of the smart tourism ecosystem to co-create enriched experiences with the help of the key enabling technologies from Industry 4.0.

4PM - Project Management Web Application - 4PM brings the power of portfolio project management and team collaboration to every business. 4PM will provide you with: better insight into project execution, more productive teams, efficient organization and better decision making.

Web design and web applications - Our advanced web solutions, have become indispensable tools for optimizing activities at numerous companies and institutions.


Arctur's headquarters are located in Nova Gorica, in the western part of Slovenia, adjacent to the Italian border.

Distance from important places:

Capital cities:

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia - 107 km (1h driving)
  • Vienna, Austria - 488 km (4h driving)
  • Budapest, Hungary - 560 km (5h driving)
  • Zagreb, Croatia - 237 km (2h driving)

International Airports:

  • Brnik Airport (Ljubljana) - 121 km
  • Trieste Ronchi Airport (Italy) - 25 km
  • Venice Marco-Polo Airport (Italy) - 137 km
  • Venice Treviso (Italy) - 138 km

Michelin restaurants and breweries:


We follow the quality standards that are required for ISO quality certificate. Our Quality Policy define our every day work and bound us to follow our quality standards on every step of our bussiness.


The core business of Arctur d.o.o. is research and development work geared towards the implementation of websites, online information systems (IS), large-scale databases, and IS's for supercomputing (HPC), network (GRID) computing and cloud services.

The company has its own HPC (high-performance computing) center for implementing several service levels - infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS). The company is also developing High Performance Cloud Computing, which enables users to access HPC services and applications through cloud interfaces and client applications. The common ground for all Arctur's technological and business efforts and activities is a constant concern for quality as a traditional and modern, high-tech value.

All Arctur employees strive to achieve the quality of products and services, which would also go beyond the requirements of customers. These include both manufacturing companies and commercial organizations, as well as service companies, public administration units and non-for-profit organizations. In doing so, Arctur strives for visibility based on quality services. Arctur takes care of quality assurance as a continuously ongoing process, which is essential for the existence and development of society.

The implementation of internal audits, the identification of risks and opportunities in the context of operations, ensures monitoring of the quality of the quality management system, and the introduction of measures ensuring continuous improvement of operations.

Planning, implementation and quality assurance are assured in all areas of operation, with a focus on preventing errors.

In Arctur, care for quality is a common task of all business operations and organizational units, and at the same time, every employee is fully responsible for the quality of work done within his / her competences.

Tomi Ilijaš, CEO

Information security

We are proud owners of the 27001 certificate.


In our work, we come across a wealth of information and data, from general to specific, from publicly available to confidential. Information can be personal in nature - about our employees, or business related - about our company, our business partners. Often they are an integral part of our technological processes - data that is processed or stored on our infrastructure.

The Information Security Policy is an integral part of our business processes, not only as required by law, but because it is in line with our business ethics, and this way we build and maintain the confidence of both our coworkers and business partners.

Arctur's Information Security Policy sets the framework for organizational and technological management of data and information that we encounter or use in our work processes. The purpose of the Information Security Policy is to determine the importance of specific information for our company and to protect it appropriately in terms of ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability:

  • Confidentiality: to provide access to information to authorized persons only;
  • Integrity: protecting the accuracy and completeness of information by preventing unauthorized changes;
  • Availability: providing authorized persons with access to information and related resources when they need it.

The organizational aspect of Information Security Policy determines, who in the company collects and who has access to specific information, how information and data are used, how long we store it, and the like. The technical aspect sets the framework for ensuring secure communication and transmission of data, for storing and analogue or digital archiving of data, for protecting it, for access authorisations management, for on-going security checks and for eliminating potential vulnerabilities.

Taking care of information and data protection is part of Arctur's business culture and is well known to all “Arcturians”. We regularly review and upgrade our Information Security Policy. Probably it is not necessary to emphasize that we also continuously follow relevant technological developments.

Tomi Ilijaš, CEO



Each day the management and all employees of ARCTUR d.o.o. aspire toward preserving an eco-friendly working environment. With our company's activities, we strive to minimise and limit negative effects on the environment.

Environmental policy is an integral part of our company's commercial policy. We commit to fulfil all formal requirements related to the environment, operate per the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, and strive for continuous improvement of our environmental performance, namely:

  • by maintaining and continuously improving the environmental management system,
  • by meeting the requirements of the applicable legislation related to environmental aspects,
  • by promoting environmental awareness for employees to understand and be aware of their environmental responsibility,
  • by preventing environmental pollution,
  • with proper waste management,
  • by the economic management of energy, water and other natural resources (conservation of natural resources),
  • by selecting suitable, environmentally aware, qualified, verified and competent external partners,
  • informing and communicating the environmental policy to all company employees and persons working on our behalf.

Tomi Ilijaš, CEO


Arctur d.o.o.

Industrijska cesta 1a
SI-5000 Nova Gorica

phone: +386 5 3029070

Arctur d.o.o., Ljubljana Branch Office
Večna pot 113
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Tax number: SI76530566
Registration number: 5562325000
Submission number: 10204400
PIC number: 991568048

Direct Bank Transfer Details:
Bank Name: DBS d.d., Poslovalnica Nova Gorica,
Address: Ulica Tolminskih puntarjev 2, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Beneficiary: Arctur d.o.o.

IBAN: SI56 1910 0001 1283 191


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Today, Arctur has around 50 highly skilled co-workers with over 600 man/years of working experience.

Our mission and objectives, our creativity, innovativeness and our passion are the main factors of our success.



Key personnel:

Tomi Ilijaš, CEO & founder

Martina Murovec, COO

Darja Podgornik, Chief Financial Officer

Urška Starc Peceny, Chief Innovation Officer, Head of Tourism 4.0

Matevž Straus, Heritage+ Project Manager

Tomaž Kalin, Arctur Business Development Lead

Andrej KošičekAISense Gamma Product Manager

Tristan PahorHPC & DataCenter Manager

Metka ŠpacapanWeb&MobileApp Project Manager

Ariana Šumandl, 4PM Product Manager


Our e-mail addresses are combined by the following key:


HUTURE space

Space and mindset of innovative perceptions and connections. It was designed to connect art and creativity with business and industry. HUTURE stands for creation of new #culture of collaboration in creating #human, #nature, #tech and #future.

More information

Gender and Equality Aspects

A prosperous workplace is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender, sexuality, personal disabilities or beliefs as well as ethnic, religious or socioeconomic background. For this reason, diversity is nurtured among employees and opportunities are available to everyone.

Arctur provides equal pay for work and removes barriers to equal participation of women in the workforce. Hence, more than half of the management staff in the company is female even though that might not be typical for the IT sector. At Arctur women represent 43% of all employees. Furthermore, in the top management position women represent 67%, meanwhile in the middle management 45%.

In addition, continuous professional and personal growth is promoted in various forms as well as mentorship and sharing knowledge between co-workers. Moreover, the company prides itself on employing many young talents and thus employs 45% of personnel under the age of 35

Arctur continuously awards a scholarship to students and support them by offering internships, coaching and hands-on training. Flexible working options are offered to allow employees to accommodate their health needs, caring responsibilities i.e. balance their work and family life as well as their personal preferences. This enables persons with disabilities to equally participate in the work processes and at the same time ensures personal satisfaction and high motivation among the workforce. All this is possible due to the company culture that empowers and values each and every employee, is equality oriented and does not tolerate any type of discrimination.

Job opportunities

We are constantly searching for new colleagues. Would you like to join us?

If you think that you might fit into our team please don't hesitate to send us your application and CV. You can find the complete list of currently open job opportunities on this link. (job opportunities are published in slovenian language).