We follow the quality standards that are required for ISO quality certificate. Our Quality Policy define our every day work and bound us to follow our quality standards on every step of our bussiness.


The core business of Arctur d.o.o. is research and development work geared towards the implementation of websites, online information systems (IS), large-scale databases, and IS's for supercomputing (HPC), network (GRID) computing and cloud services.

The company has its own HPC (high-performance computing) center for implementing several service levels - infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS). The company is also developing High Performance Cloud Computing, which enables users to access HPC services and applications through cloud interfaces and client applications. The common ground for all Arctur's technological and business efforts and activities is a constant concern for quality as a traditional and modern, high-tech value.

All Arctur employees strive to achieve the quality of products and services, which would also go beyond the requirements of customers. These include both manufacturing companies and commercial organizations, as well as service companies, public administration units and non-for-profit organizations. In doing so, Arctur strives for visibility based on quality services. Arctur takes care of quality assurance as a continuously ongoing process, which is essential for the existence and development of society.

The implementation of internal audits, the identification of risks and opportunities in the context of operations, ensures monitoring of the quality of the quality management system, and the introduction of measures ensuring continuous improvement of operations.

Planning, implementation and quality assurance are assured in all areas of operation, with a focus on preventing errors.

In Arctur, care for quality is a common task of all business operations and organizational units, and at the same time, every employee is fully responsible for the quality of work done within his / her competences.

Tomi Ilijaš, CEO